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A single chassis audiophile system with the sound you want and the features you need. 

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  • Two true mono power amplifiers with independent power supplies and transformers

  • New concept in solid state amplification using a non-switching output stage delivering Class A liquidity and texture.

  • Zero global feedback.

  • Regulated supplies of input and drivers contributes to exemplary transparency and speed

  • Balanced front end for immunity to interference

  • Switched resistor volume control

  • MM/MC phono with selectable loading

  • DAC board with integrated streaming supporting multiple protocols

  • DSD support

  • Separate transformers and regulated power supply for digital and analog front end. 

  • Microprocessor control 

  • Large LCD display 

  • No moving parts for zero maintenance during lifetime

  • Solid aluminum carved enclosure 

  • Multiple protection circuits for trouble-free operation.

  • Modular design  

  • Bluetooth input

  • 32bit/768kHz USB input

  • Roon Ready

POWER amplifiers used in Ares are two completely independent solid state monoblocks. Using proprietary sliding bias technology to avoid output transistor switching, they retain all the qualities of Class A amplification, while keeping the generated heat under control. Those power amps carry a number of innovations we feel are defining for the attributed sonic character.
The amplifier signal path is a differential gain stage followed by an error correcting buffer isolating it from the sliding bias output stage. With zero global feedback the amp still has vanishingly low distortion and unprecedented load stability. To round it off you have a regulated power supply for the input and drivers taking it beyond most high end offerings.
The preamplifier feeding the power amplifiers is our newly developed input board handling the input selection and volume control duties. The signal path is fully differential with transformer isolation for the unbalanced inputs. Ground switching prevents any interaction between components connected via RCA's as it is intended for use in the average household with no dedicated power lines . The preamplifier board now hosts our OPA211 based  MM/MC phono stage with menu selectable MM/MC and cartridge loading making the Ares a top analog performer. The input board has its dedicated analog and digital power supplies totally independent of the power amplifiers', making it a complete preamplifier in the same box.
The Digital board accommodates all modern digital interfaces - AES, SPDIF, Toslink, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth. It hosts a 32bit/768kHz/ DSD256 dac. The dac itself is discrete build around switched resistors. The streaming module supports multiple protocols, sample rates and signal resolutions. 
A dedicated power supply and regulators make it yet another separate component in the same box. Ares is a way of getting rid of cables, multiple remotes and boxes scattered across the room, while its true modularity lets you keep it current for a long time to come. So when we say it is a modular audiophile system we mean it. Zero compromise with no cable clutter and extra space. Each module optimised for each other guaranteeing system synergy of the highest level.
The chassis housing all this is carved like a sculpture from 45kg of aluminium alloy preventing any mechanical vibrations from disturbing the operation of the sensitive circuitry inside while screening it from electromagnetic interference. The whole chassis is a heatsink for the power amplifiers eliminating the need for holes and vents. 

Technical Specifications

Available Finishes

Product History
Launched 2017.
Mk2 as of 2022, it uses completely new input and digital boards with the phono now part of the analog input board as standard.




Review by:Wojciech Pacula
Photography by: Wojciech Pacula
Review by: Bruno Castelluzzo
Review by: Michael Vrzal
Photography by: Ingo Schulz
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