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Enyo is the distilled result of years of experience as manufacturer where we were gathering feedback from the end users as to what their dream system is and this is what the wish list consisted of:


Power amplifiers that have:

  • Single-ended triode liquidity and texture

  • Zero global feedback

  • Regulated power supplies 

  • Balanced front end for immunity to interference


Preamplifier with:


  • Switched resistor volume control

  • True balanced operation with both XLR and RCA inputs

  • MM/MC phono section with selectable loading

  • Large LCD display

  • Microprocessor control

  • No moving parts for zero maintenance during lifetime

  • Home Theatre bypass

  • Upgradable software


DAC with:


  • Streaming supporting multiple protocols

  • DSD support

  • Regulated power supply and separate transformers for digital and analog front end

  • Bluetooth input

  • 32bit/768kHz USB input

  • Roon Ready

  • Differential architecture with discrete resistors - no off-the-shelf chip

  • Future proof

Each of the three has to have its own power supply, regulators and logic.

The Thrax Enyo packs all of the above optimized to interface to each other in a single bulletproof chassis with timeless design to deliver the sound you want with the features you need without the clutter and unnecessary expense.
The power amplifiers used in Enyo are a completely new design based on our research over the last 10 years, with a fully differential 3-stage architecture. The output stage uses the rare arrangement of cathode feedback while retaining the ultra-linear connection customary for military pentodes. Driving this output stage called for the development of a unique front end circuit accommodating positive grid swing. DC-coupled tube amplifiers are rare but Enyo uses only a single capacitor in the signal path delivering that “triode’ magic without the usual “tube color”. The power supply for the amplifier uses choke filtering to guarantee pitch black backgrounds and freedom from power supply modulation. Those are features rarely seen in anything other than top quality tube monoblocks. Autobiasing makes tube replacement a breeze.

Image 16.jpg

The preamplifier in Enyo is our newly developed input board handling the input selection and volume control duties. The signal path is fully differential with transformer isolation for the inputs. Ground switching prevents any interaction between components connected via RCAs as it is intended for use in the average household with no dedicated power lines . The preamplifier board now hosts our MM/MC phono stage with menu selectable MM/MC and cartridge loading making the Enyo a top analog performer. The input board has its dedicated analog and digital power supplies totally independent from the power amplifiers, making it a complete world class preamplifier in the same box. The large LCD screen keeps you informed of the current settings easily read from your listening chair. 

For Home Theatre integration we have added a “bypass” feature allowing you to use the Enyo as your speakers’ power amp including a screen dimming function not to distract you while watching a movie. And on top of that it can be programmed to use with your favorite remote reducing clutter on the table.

The optional DAC extends the input range of the preamplifier by accommodating all modern digital interfaces - AES, SPDIF, Toslink, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth. It hosts a 32bit/768kHz/ DSD256 dac. The dac itself is discrete build around switched resistors and dedicated power supply making it yet another separate component in the same box. 

The streaming module supports multiple protocols, sample rates and signal resolutions up to 32bit/384k and DSD256. It is Roon Ready.

Enyo is a way of getting rid of cables, multiple remotes and boxes scattered across the room, so when we say it is a modular audiophile system we mean it. Zero compromise with no cable clutter and extra space. Each module optimized to interface with the other in the system guaranteeing synergy of the highest level. 

Enyo is all you ever wanted distilled  - audiophile essence in a box. 

Technical Specifications

Weight 29kg  

Dimensions  430 x 480 x 190 mm 

Power  300W max. 115/230V 50/60Hz 

Min input level 0.5V Rms 

Output power 50W 

Gain 32db 

Input impedance 40kOhm 

Output impedance 1 Ohm 

Signal to Noise 103db 

Frequency responce 20-20,000Hz +/- 0.5db 

Available Finishes


Product History

Launched 2017. 

Added auto bias 2019.

MK2 introduced 2022 using new input and digital boards.


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