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Advancements in speaker technology have allowed us to reduce the size of the Lyra without compromising the performance. Together with our new crossover technology for phase linearity we have created a gem that exceeded our design goals. So enchanting, no one can resist it.
  • Two way passive loudspeaker system

  • A custom ring diaphragm compression tweeter

  • A proprietary ultra short horn with shaped directivity 

  • Ultra low distortion Purifi mid-woofer

  • Wax impregnated foil wound inductors in crossover

  • Silver capacitors on tweeter

  • Sealed and potted crossover assembly

  • Aeco binding posts​

Sirens are brought to your attention due to a very recent development in speaker drivers by Purifi Audio. They have addressed and implemented solutions that advance the design of conventional moving coil speakers in multiple areas, leading to an order of magnitude better performance. It was worth our attention, so here we are with our little babies, taking full advantage of these new drivers.

For the Sirens the brief was – shrink the Lyra to bookshelf size and lose nothing! Well we lost 3db sensitivity but the performance gain due to the new driver and our unique new serial crossover takes the Sirens in a league of their own. Phase response linearization presents you with a new tone on many familiar voices. The lack of break up in the cone allows for a gentle slope of the crossover and better blending with our horn. The zero resonance front baffle not contributing to the sound underlines the drivers unique abilities. 

Compact cabinet size doesn’t limit the low frequency performance of the Sirens keeping the extension the same as on the Lyra via a rear mounted port.

Crossover components used are all premium - foil capacitors and air core inductors potted in polyurethane for vibration free optation and all wired with custom OCC copper wire for undisturbed low level detail and resolution.
The Sirens favor amplifiers with generous power reserves, so the lack of dynamic compression can be exploited in full at realistic sound levels. Yet a flea powered single ended amp will work just as well due to the Sirens virtually flat impedance and phase making them an easy load. 

The use of real leather was chosen to complement the softer styling or the speaker accentuating the luxury pedigree of the product.

Sirens possess a voice no one can resist, once experienced they enchant the mind and have brought many travelers to the shores of Thrax.

Available Finishes


Product History

Launched 2022.


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Review by Marcin Olszewski
Review by Martin Colloms
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